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5 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Professionals make

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

5 Mistakes Realtors Make

1. Not having a business plan.

Most realtors do not take the time to prepare an actual business plan.

Having a written plan keeps you focused on your business. Most realtors tend to “go with the flow”! Failing to plan is planning to fail, a business plan can be a valuable toola nd resource to growing your business and tracking ebbs and flows.

2. Ineffective Time Management

It is easy to lose “hours” when no one is tracking your time. If you do not have a plan in place, before you know it, another day, and another chance at a successful sale is gone! Tracking time can be done easily using a variety of apps or bu planning goals and 'to - do' items in a calendar. Once you view your time with a monetary value you can better assess where your efforts are put to the best use.

3. Giving off the Wrong Vibe

As realtors, you will be competing for listings with others but at some point you will likely be writing an offer on another realtor’s listing. Your reputation is just as important with other realtors as with your clients. These are your peers and you want to respect as well as be respected within the business.

4. Giving Up Too Quickly

This is true in a couple of aspects, such as giving up on a marketing campaign before it has truly had time to reap the rewards and also giving up on your career if you just don’t know what to do.

Just like a seed grows when it is tended to and allowed the time to grow, so are marketing campaigns and your career. Especially in a soft real estate market, or one with lots of competition, focus, time and consistency can be the key to keep your marketing, and growth, on pace.

5. Not Hiring ME!!!!!

I have just given you a few mistakes realtors make. There are many more and it isn’t necessary to repeat things that are known to sabotage this occupation. I am not just about coaching, I am also about mentoring so that you can find the true success you want, develop strong habits and learn key insights and tools that will help keep you on track and moving forward.

Let me be your guide to a very successful, fulfilling career!

Wendy Langton, Owner + Coach

Tel: 403.990.6683

Okotoks, Alberta​​

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